Grandparents & Grandchildren Only Travel Club
Membership is FREE! You are already a grandparent, and perhaps you take care of the grandkids on occasion; so Mom and Dad can get away by themselves. Sound familiar ? Why not take the grandkids on an "educational" tour with us, Grandparents & Grandchildren Only Travel Club ? Would you like to go on one of our tours as a Group Leader ? You and your spouse and one grandchild can go for free, or you alone and two grandchildren can go for free. This website is under construction. Keep checking back for full details. Currently, our grand opening tour is planned for 10 Days in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, beginning in Quito, Ecuador in August, 2020. To go for free as a group leader, contact:Patrick A. Edwards, C.G.T.O. Executive Director,Grandparents & Grandchildren Only Travel Club

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